One afternoon an elderly gentleman came to the Shelter bearing a tiny Chihuahua. “I’m returning this dog to you, he isn’t housetrained.” We were a bit perplexed and explained to him that this little guy wasn’t from our shelter. After some discussion, it found that this dog came from the neighboring city’s pound. When we called to verify this, we asked if the dog could be returned to them. We were told that this animal was “unadoptable”. His story was then relayed to us. A woman had hit this dog with her car and she reported the incident to the police who promptly took the animal to the pound. The staff there reported that no one could pick him up or work with him around his face and neck. We inquired what the diagnosis was by the attending vet and were told “we don’t take animals to the vet, we don’t have money for this.” How long was the animal at the pound? One month was the response. This poor little fellow had lain at the pound for a whole month without veterinary care after being hit by a car!! It was immediately decided that we would take this guy in, now named “Touchie”. Touchie was seen by the veterinarian that very day and it was deemed that he had bruised ribs and possible slight fractures, however, too much time had gone by for proper diagnosis. Time and patience was what this guy needed. After three weeks of socialization techniques and lots of love, Touchie was social, friendly and ready for adoption to the right family. That family came in the form of a lady calling us from the town east of St. James looking for a small companion animal. She came to visit Touchie and it was love at first site. When explained to her that he did not like to be picked up, but would jump readily in your lap, she smiled and told us that she was wheelchair bound and her dog would have to jump into her lap. Touchie and his lady are doing well, and we are happy to help one “unadoptable” dog find his forever home! P.S. his new owner reports that he is completely housetrained!
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"Making a Difference one pet at a time"
Touchie,The Unadoptable
Jeffery came to the Shelter as a young cat, scrawny, undersized, with hair missing. It was reported to us that he had had several homes, all failing to care for him. With food, attention, and care he began to blossom into a lovely fellow. Then tragedy hit Jeffery again. An illness attacked Jeffery and he was rushed to the veterinarian for life saving procedures. He came home to the Shelter to recuperate. He responded well to the medication and the special food needed for him to survive. He was sent to a foster home, but due to the indifference of the cat of the home, he had to be returned to the Shelter. He only stayed for a few months when a new opportunity came forth and Jeffery agreed. Jeffery the cat is the official greeter at the Heinrichshaus Winery. All visitors get a Jeffery howdy when they enter the winery warehouse. He gets lots of love and has a friend cat to share his life with.
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