"Making a Difference one pet at a time"
A Great Big Lick and a Purr to say Thank you for your support
CHRIS For the Airplane (awaiting title) to be sold for the Shelter.

MARSHA for the boat and trailer (awaiting title) to be sold for the Shelter.

ROYAL CANIN for all the things youíve done to help our Shelter!

TACONY for helping us for these last two quarters
STEVENíS DISTRIBUTING for the many donations to keep us going.

WAL-MART DISTRIBUTION CENTER for the many bags of litter, food and extras.

WAL-MART, ROLLA STORE for the extra bags of litter and food.

PAT for all those many trips back and forth from Wal-Mart!

JESSICA for setting up the new website

TOM, from Donnell Technical Consulting, for construction of the new website.
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